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Until now, you have been handwriting wishes on a paper card. We all love that warmness.

But what if you can also integrate a personalized, full-of-fun, multimedia greeting? Introducing our crafted gift tags & cards.

TagTalk can make you a paper-based message includes photos, voice and video. Let go the limitations and show 100% of your affection!


Product Showcase


NFC (Near Field Communication), is a new wireless technology found in many novel applications, such as touch-less credit cards, transit passes, and smart posters. With a simple tap on the tag using an NFC-enabled smartphone, TagTalk customers can store or retrieve the greeting message embedded in the chip.

For iPhone or other non-NFC smartphone users, a QR code and an 8-letter serial code will be found on the back, providing access to your special message.

TagTalk in the Media

We are a young team looking for media cooperation. If you have any question or press needs, feel free to contact us via info@tagtalk.ca