Hi backers,

In the first 48 hours, TagTalk has raised $1730 funding, which is 11.5% of our $15K goal! We can never do this without the help from everyone. So thank you, our early supporters!

We are glad to share with you that TagTalk just got covered by one of the leading media about NFC technology – NFCWorld.com. Please click the picture below if you would like to read the original article, and join our discussion about applying NFC technology in gifting business by following @TheTagTalk.


We know you are looking forward to see what the final products will look like. The only way that we can put these tags into your hands is to successfully reach our funding goal. So we ask for your time and kindness to share our campaign on social networks with friends and families, as well as people who you think would appreciate nice designs. TagTalk is currently on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Weibo. Come and help us keep this great momentum!


TagTalk Team