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Hi everyone,

This year’s Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11) is just around the corner! Have you got mom something nice & sweet?

Being a mom is The World’s Toughest Job. We all appreciate her contribution, but hardly get a chance to actually MAKE anything for her. This year, TagTalk would like to help you to make a simple but special gift that shows how much you love her, and will surely put a big smile on her faces : )

TagTalk now offers “Thank You” tag template for free to anyone who loves her/his mom! Follow this post to download the file and make a cute tag that will decorates your Mother’s Day gift!


You may wonder, “What’s the catch?” Well, we need your help to spread the word! After the tag is made, take a picture and tweet with the hashtag #tagformom, or send the photo to with your city and name in the title. If you would like to show your wishes, or what your mom says when she receives the hand-made tag, we’d love to hear all about it! Or, why not encourage HER to tweet it directly! Moms nowadays are tech savvy and super cool, right?

How to create a “Thank You” tag: 

1. Download the AI file from google drive.
2. Follow the instruction below to make it.
3. Write your Mother’s Day wishes.
4. Send it to the greatest mom in the world!
5. Tweet the tag photo with #tagformom or use the same hashtag to share on Instagram.


Tools you will use:

Regular paper, thicker card/paper stock, printer, scissors OR cutting knife, a piece of ribbon (or anything to hang the tag), small envelope. And of course, a pen to write the loving words in your ❤



How to make a single layer “Thank You” tag
How to make a double layer “Thank You” tag
Broadcast our initiative if you enjoyed it so far. We are very excited to see how many people will participate in, and how far our call-for-action can go with the magical power of the Internet. If you have any suggestions for more fun, innovative things to do, or any comment about TagTalk’s idea or campaign, drop us a line at the comment section on the main page.


Lastly, don’t forget to share how your Mother’s Day went : )


TagTalk Team
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