Traditional tags or cards only allow customers to put the greetings in plain text, while online greetings and e-cards are fun, yet not tangible and memorable. We want you to keep the personal touch by writing on each tag/card, and also been able to bring life to the content and really show the wonderfulness of a greeting/gift!

Our goal is to make greetings alive & collectible, and provide you an engaging and intimate in-person gifting experience.

1.Download the free iOS or Android TagTalk app from

2. Open the app to activate the tag. a) NFC phones: choose “Tap” and tap the tag with the back of the phone; b) Non-NFC phones: choose “Scan” and scan the QR code on the back, or enter the 8-digit serial code below the QR code. 

3. Create the greeting with the app and the tag will be ready to go!

For gift recipients, TagTalk works on any mobile device without our app:

a) NFC phones: tap the tag with the back of the phone;
b) Non-NFC phones: scan the QR code on the back, or visit in your mobile browser and enter the 8-digit serial code below the QR code.

In addition, you can choose to send a thank you message or read notification to the sender as an option.


NFC stands for “Near Field Communication”. We use this novel technology to enable short distance communication between cellphones and tags. It allows users to retrieve the stored message through a simple tap. Currently, the most recent Android and BlackBerry devices support NFC technology.

To make sure NFC is enabled on your Android devices (for Android 4.4):

Go to Settings – Wireless & Networks – NFC (Touch to enable)

On Android or iOS, there are many free QR code readers available. You can search QR Code Reader in the various app stores.

On BlackBerry 10, you can use the system built-in Smart Tags app to scan the QR code.

The sender can revise or rewrite the tag for multiple times before sending out. Each tag is linked to sender’s account when activated and recorded, so only sender can modify or reuse the tag.

The recipients can not resend the tag, because we want to make each product a lasting carrier to reserve the sender’s unique greeting, just like regular greeting tools.

After the campaign, yes!

Unfortunately, Kickstarter’s target is to help launching innovative products, rather than expanding on sales. Therefore, we cannot repeat the sale of the same item. Please choose our “Pledge Rewards” to get your crafted items. After this crowd funding campaign is completed, you can purchase multiple tags from

Of course! We are actively working on new tag designs, which will be released here as “Add-ons” very soon. Only existing backers can purchase the add-on products. So please help us spread the word and stay tuned to our upcoming updates.

We offer free worldwide shipping for Kickstarter backers. The rewards will be shipped as regular mails. Though please expect a longer shipping time if you are outside of North America.

As soon as the pledged goal on Kickstarter has successfully completed, we will ramp up the manufacturing of tags with qualified suppliers and manufactures. Meanwhile, our tech team will focus on developing apps for different mobile platforms, as well as the backend database system. We expect to ship our finished products by the end of August 2014.